Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Well-Working And Beautiful Windows

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Well-Working And Beautiful Windows

24 March 2020
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Your home's windows provide a beautiful view of the outside world from your home's interior, but they also provide a level of protection against outside threats. Overtime, your windows can age; they need upkeep and cleaning to keep them working as they should. Here are some helpful measures you can take to keep your home's windows maintained to keep their high level of protection to your home.

Clean and Maintain Your Windows

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is good advice that works well with your home's maintenance, especially your windows. By keeping your windows cleaned and repaired when they show small signs of problems, you can prevent damage and usage issues down the road. However, if a window does get damaged it is important to get a new window installed to maintain the aesthetic and integrity of the home.

For example, just by cleaning out the tracks of your windows, you will remove all the dust and dirt that will build-up over time and prevent problems with the opening and closing of your window. When debris falls into this track, it can damage the track and cause your windows to become jammed. Wipe out the tracks with a cloth and a household cleaner, and this will also prevent mold growth. You can lubricate the tracks of any stuck window with a quirt of silicone spray, as it won't attract any further dust and dirt.

Watch For Problems

In addition to caring for your windows and their frames, it is important that you also keep an eye on their condition. Your windows can age and begin to have problems over time, which will make them less efficient as a protection to your home interior. And, just because you have installed new double-paned windows on your home, does not mean they will last indefinitely. All windows are made of physical materials that can break down from damage or misuse, so keep an eye out for some common problems.

Look to make sure your window pane caulking and sealant remains in place. If the sealant around the glass within the frame begins to crack and peel away, it indicates they need replacing. Or, for example, if you have wood framed windows with glazing to hold the glass panels in, make sure the glazing remains intact and if it begins to crack or fall away, make sure it is replaced.

If your double- or triple-paned windows ever begin to form moisture between the layers, this means the window pane seal has been damaged and a new window needs to be installed.

To learn more about identifying damaged windows and when they need to be replaced, contact residential window installation services in your area. 

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