Renovating An Older Home? Tips To Choose The Windows And Glass

Renovating An Older Home? Tips To Choose The Windows And Glass

24 March 2020
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If you are renovating an older home, you have many choices to make. One of these is replacing the windows and glass, and you have many options to choose from, which can make it difficult. The information below should help make the choice easier. 

Types of Windows

One type of window you can choose from is known as double-hung windows. These windows slide up and down in the window frame. The windows are stacked, which means you can open both windows at the same time. For example, the top window moves down and the bottom windows move up. One benefit of double-hung windows is you can control how much air gets into your home because you have the ability to open the top window only part ways. 

Single-hung windows are another type available. These are traditional windows that you find in many homes. The top of the window is fixed, and there is one separate window that you slide up and down. These windows are considered to be more energy-efficient when compared to double-hung windows. This is because these windows do not have as many movable parts. You will find that single-hung windows are less expensive. 

Casement windows are also available. Instead of sliding up and down, casement windows open outward and inward by using a hand crank. One benefit of casement windows is they are much easier to clean.

Types of Window Glass

Once you choose the windows that you want, you need to choose the glass. There is Low-E glass, which has a coating that allows sunlight to come through the window. This glass does reflect infrared light, which helps you control the temperature in your home and save energy. This can be especially helpful during the hot months of summer and the frigid months of winter. 

There are also double-glazed and triple-glazed glass. With these, there are two or three glass panes. Air or another type of gas is sandwiched between each pane to provide energy efficiency. This also makes these windows much more secure. When the glass breaks, it will break into small pieces instead of large shards. This makes this glass safer if you live in an area that gets a lot of high winds or hurricanes. 

Talk to a company that sells windows, and they can give you more information to help you choose the windows and glass. Look around for name-brand windows, like Marvin windows

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