Types Of New Windows And Their Uses

Types Of New Windows And Their Uses

24 March 2020
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New windows give a home a refreshed appearance and have several other benefits, which may include increasing home value, reducing noise and improving energy efficiency depending on the type of window. If your home needs new windows, here are several different kinds available and when you might want to use each one.

Single-Hung Windows for Affordability

Single-hung windows are characterized by the way they open. They only open from one end, which is usually the bottom.

Because single-hung windows have a fixed top, they're an inexpensive window to make. The screen also only has to cover half of the window, since the top half never opens. Both of these considerations keep the purchase price of single-hung windows extremely affordable.

Single-hung windows might be a good choice if you have a limited budget or need to replace the windows in a rental property, where less expensive features are commonly used.

Double-Hung Windows for Increased Practicality

Double-hung windows are distinct from single-hung models in the way that they open. Double-hungs are so-named because they open from both the bottom and the top. 

Double-hung windows can still be priced relatively affordably, although they won't be quite as inexpensive as single-hungs. 

Having the ability to open a window from the top and the bottom, however, is a major benefit. You can crack the window at the top only so that rain won't get in, and the top can be pushed down all the way without creating a breeze that'll blow in right at countertop- or table-level. Many single-hungs open right about as high as counters and tables are.

Awning Windows

Awning windows don't slide up and down to open, but they instead swing out. The bottom comes up to create an awning-like shape when they're open.

Because awning windows open upward, they make it easy to keep the window open even when rain is falling. The window will block rain from blowing inside unless there's an extremely strong wind. This makes awning windows well-suited for rainy climates.

Awning windows are sometimes also used in small spaces. If a window opening is too small to fit a normal-sized single- or double-hung window, a smaller sliding window might not provide much airflow because it can only let air through a portion of the small space. An awning window, in contrast, can swing out and let air flow through the entire window opening.

This latter consideration makes awning windows good choices for small bathrooms and washrooms.

For further questions regarding new and replacement windows, reach out to a window company like A United Window Inc.

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