Warning Signs That Your Window Installation Might Have Gone Awry

Warning Signs That Your Window Installation Might Have Gone Awry

9 July 2020
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Your windows are an important part of your home, allowing a bit of sunlight into the house while providing a view of what's going on outside. Windows can also help with your home's energy efficiency, provided they are installed correctly. Many homeowners like to do maintenance or installation projects themselves, however, and that's generally fine as long as you know what' doing. But if you encounter any of the following issues after your window installation is complete, you might want to contact a professional for a do-over. Here are a few warning signs that your window installation may have gone awry.

1. Your Heating or Cooling Bill Goes Up

When you replace old windows with new windows, you should expect your energy bills to go down thanks to better insulation and other modern window features like multiple panes of glass that can keep the outside air from getting into your home. So if you encounter a higher energy bill in the first month after window installation, you might want to double-check what's going on. Sometimes a draft isn't bad enough for you to immediately notice it, but the leak will still cause your HVAC system to run longer than it should have to.

2. Condensation That Lingers or Glass That Discolors

It's normal for your windows to have water on them after a rainstorm of course, but if you notice there is frequent condensation regularly, there might be something else going on. For example, if the hot and humid air is allowed to get past the first pane of glass due to poor installation, that humidity might turn into condensation in between the panes. Over time, exposure to too much water could also cause the glass to become discolored. If you have excessive condensation or notice a bit of discoloring, you should contact professional help.

3. The Windows Suddenly Struggle to Open or Close

Glass contracts in cold weather and expands in warm weather. If you did not install your windows properly in the winter, you might run into problems when the weather gets warmer. If it seems like you are having to strain to open or close the windows on a hot and humid day when previously this never happened, you might not have lined up the windows on the tracks correctly during installation.

Installing windows correctly can upgrade your home and lower your energy bills. But make a mistake, and you could have a headache on your hands. For best results, let a professional handle your window installation the first time around.

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