Are Impact Windows Worth Getting For Your Home?

Are Impact Windows Worth Getting For Your Home?

13 July 2021
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Do you live in an area where you experience extreme weather? If so, you're likely wondering if you need impact windows to give your home added protection. These windows come at a premium price, which is why it helps to know why these windows can be worth it when compared to regular windows or shutters.

Stronger Construction

Impact windows are built to last due to several ways that they are constructed differently. One notable way is the shatter-resistant film that is placed on the glass, The film is applied to both sides of the glass, which seals the glass inside the film. If the windows were to break due to impact or high winds, the glass will stay in place during the storm. The glass may still crack, but you won't have glass flying into the room, which can cause more damage. 

There is also an inner membrane that goes between the window panes that makes the glass stronger. It is very similar to what is done with auto glass windows and why it is tough for the glass to shatter when you are in a car accident. 

Superior Testing

Know that all windows that are classified as impact windows go through testing to ensure that they can withstand those strong storms. They are tested to look at how they withstand strong winds, water intrusion, and impact damage. Each window is then given a design pressure rating, often referred to as a DP rating. A higher rating means that the window can withstand higher winds and stronger impacts without breaking. 

Better Security

Not only do impact windows withstand the damage that can be caused by storms, but they also provide better security that can protect your home from criminals. Since that glass is harder to break from normal impact, it is going to make it much harder for someone to shatter a window intentionally to break into your home. It's not something people typically think of when getting impact windows, but it's a valid benefit to having them

Better Sound Dampening

The nature of having a window with a stronger construction and multiple panes of glass will result in better sound dampening. If you live on a very busy street, you'll notice that fewer sounds get into the home that can be disturbing. This will make it easier to sleep at night, or simply make the home more quiet and enjoyable to be in. 

Talk to an impact window supplier for more information.

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