Misconceptions About Having Your Windows Replaced

Misconceptions About Having Your Windows Replaced

31 January 2023
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Windows do not last forever. In fact, their lifespan is significantly shorter than the lifespan of many other home components, which means you're likely to have to replace your home's windows at some point. When you do, having some knowledge about window replacement will be helpful. That makes this the perfect time to clear up some common misconceptions about window replacement.

Misconception: All replacement windows are white and plain.

You've probably seen some homes with new windows that are framed in plain, white vinyl. It's obvious that these are replacement windows, and that may make you a bit nervous about having your own windows replaced. But rest assured that not all replacement windows look like this. They do come in different colors. You can even choose from different sash and frame widths for a heavier or lighter look. You might need to buy from a higher-end brand to get these options, but they definitely exist.

Misconception: Having your windows replaced is a really long-term project.

If you were to replace your own windows, then it would be a big undertaking — mostly because you're inexperienced and lack the right tools. But if you have the windows replaced by a pro, they work fairly quickly. You can expect the job to be done within a few days, at most. Window replacement professionals usually come in teams, so they can work on more than one window at once. Plus, they have specialized equipment that makes tasks like measuring, leveling the window, and sealing the window much simpler.

Misconception: New windows aren't made as well as old ones.

This is not true of replacement windows. If anything, replacement windows are better made than the decades-old windows that are still on a lot of homes. Instead of being framed in wood, they are framed in low-maintenance, rot-proof materials like vinyl or fiber cement. They're filled with air to increase their insulating factor, and they're often coated in slightly reflective materials to reduce heat transfer. Replacing your windows is an upgrade, not a downgrade.

Now that you know more about replacement windows, you can have a more meaningful conversation about them with your window replacement company. You might, indeed, discover that you had some other misconceptions that were keeping you from choosing the right windows or acting swiftly to replace your current ones.

Reach out to a window replacement company in your area for more information. 

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