Planning To Remodel Your Bathroom? Tips For Choosing The Shower And Shower Doors

Planning To Remodel Your Bathroom? Tips For Choosing The Shower And Shower Doors

20 March 2020
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If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, there are many things you have to consider. Two of these things are the shower and shower doors. Below is information about each of these so you can get your bathroom transformed.

Types of Showers

One type of shower you have available is an electric shower.  With this type, you will have hot water instantly. This works by the electric shower taking the cold water and the water then flows through a heating element. You will never have to worry about running out of hot water with this type of shower. You also do not waste water as the water is heated only when you need to use it. This type of shower does use electricity so you may have an increase in your monthly electrical bill. How much of an increase \depends on how much you use the shower.

There are also digital showers. With this type, a panel is installed somewhere in the shower. The panel connects to a power unit. These two things work together to provide you with the temperature and the flow of the water. Through the panel, you can change the temperature and the flow also.  A digital shower will cost more when compared to an electric shower in most cases.

You will find showers that are Eco-friendly. The showers limit the amount of water that is used while showering. The water flow will not be as strong when compared to the other types, but the flow is strong enough to provide you with a good shower. If you choose this, you will see a lower monthly water bill. 

Types of Shower Doors

Once you choose the type of shower that you want, you have to choose the shower doors that you want in your bathroom. If you include a bathtub with the shower you can choose the traditional shower doors that slide to open and close.

If you are only installing a stand-up shower, then glass shower doors are a good choice. These doors are beautiful and can make your bathroom look great. 

There are frameless glass show doors. As the name states, there are no frames that makes the doors much easier to clean and keep clean. These doors have a thicker glass which is what provides the shower support. 

You will also find glass shower doors that have frames. These are less expensive when compared to frameless and the glass is thinner as the frames are what provides the doors the support they need. To find out more about shower doors, reach out to a company such as Beach Glass & Window Company.

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