Getting Your Openings Ready To Remove Old Windows And Install New Ones For Renovations

Getting Your Openings Ready To Remove Old Windows And Install New Ones For Renovations

24 March 2020
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If you want to prepare your home for renovations, one of the projects that you may be planning is installing new windows. The following guide will help you with removing the old windows and making changes to prepare to have new windows installed.

1. Removing the Interior Trim and Any Hardware

The interior trim that surrounds windows and doors is woodwork that is usually installed after the window is installed. Therefore, these materials will need to be removed before you can install a new window in an opening. In addition to the wood trim that is removed, there may be hardware that also needs to be removed to take the window out of the opening.

2. Punching and Cutting Nails or Screws

When the interior trim has been removed, you will be able to get to any nails on the inside of the window casing. Try to punch them through or use a metal cutting saw blade to cut them. On the exterior of the window casing, use a nail punch to punch the nails through the window casing trim. If there are any screws, use a drill to remove them or cut them to get the window loose.

3. Prying the Window Loose and Removing It

Once the nails and other fasteners have been removed, cut, or punched through, you will be ready to work the window loose. You can use a hammer to hit the edge of the window casing to get the unit out of the opening. If the window fits tightly in the opening, use a crowbar from the exterior of the window to pry the casing loose.

4. Inspecting the Opening for Damage

Once you have the window out of the opening, you will want to inspect the wood framing for any signs of damage and do repairs. If the woodwork is in good shape, you will need to be ready to seal the window to protect against future damage. Use a good moisture barrier and tape around the window opening to help protect against problems with water damage.

5. Leveling the Window Openings

Lastly, you will want to level the window openings to ensure the new windows can easily be installed. Use a hammer to make adjustments by hitting the wood. If you are going to be making changes to the sizes of the window openings, you will need to make these changes to the wood framing and repair exterior finishes like siding to complete the changes and prepare for the new windows.

These are some things that will help you prepare for the installation of new windows. If you need help preparing your home for the installation of new windows, contact a window installation service to start planning these renovations for the exterior of your home.

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