The Why And How Of Door Replacement

The Why And How Of Door Replacement

25 March 2020
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The interior doors in your home have probably taken a beating over the years. If your interior doors are over 10 years old, you should consider replacing them. In fact, you have probably already had to replace one or more doors or at least some of the components on certain doors. Some doors in your home get used more often than others. They get slammed and abused on a daily basis. Usually, you end up replacing a hinge here and a doorknob there until you get to the point that the doors throughout your home are all mismatched. So, there will eventually come a time that it is just smarter to replace all the interior doors in your home at once. Here is a helpful guide to interior door replacement.

Add Some Style To Your Home

It's safe to guess that about 90% of residential homes are built with generic interior doors. That is, they are usually white, hollow, and made out of lightweight wood composite. Hollow doors are great for interiors because they are so much cheaper. But, solid wood doors are something to consider if you are trying to invest in a remodel that will increase your property value. They add a sense of style and luxury that you simply don't get with generic hollow doors.

Regardless of if you install hollow or solid doors, you also have a fresh chance to change the color of your doors. The doors, when coordinated with the trim and molding around your interior, are a huge part of the overall style. Even though they only take up a small amount of physical space, these style elements can completely alter the look of a room. So, even if you are just going to install new white doors, the brightness of the new paint will make everything inside your home look a little newer.

Add Some Insulation and Protection

When it comes to adding new doors around your home, you don't necessarily need to install the same exact door in every frame. In fact, you could install solid or insulated doors to the rooms that need extra soundproofing, security, or temperature control. That is, you can find a set of doors that look exactly the same, but they have different structural properties.

Updating the doors around your home will be a fun and rewarding interior upgrade. It is actually a very cost-effective remodel and the work can be done very quickly.

For more information, contact a replacement door service.

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