A Guide for Reducing Air Leaks and Moisture Problems with Your New Windows

A Guide for Reducing Air Leaks and Moisture Problems with Your New Windows

5 May 2020
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If you want to update your home with premium windows, wood is still the best material that can be used. There are more options for custom window styles with wood windows, and with the right care, they can last longer than other materials. To ensure your new windows last, it is important to prepare the openings, make sure that installation is done correctly, and care for the windows after they have been installed. The following wood window installation guide will help ensure your wood windows last:

1. Make Sure the Openings Are the Correct Size for the Window Margins and Insulation

The most important way to prepare for the installation of new wood windows is to determine the size of the opening. The opening should be wide enough for the window to fit and have a margin on the sides, top, and bottom. This margin allows the wood to expand and contrast and can be filled with batten insulation to stop air leaks and make your home more efficient.

2. Prepare the Opening's Exterior with Seals

Moisture within the wood framing of the opening and the casing of the window can be a problem that causes rot and damages the new windows. Therefore, you want to make sure that all sides of the opening are sealed from moisture. This can be done with special window seal tape that is specially designed to prepare openings and prevent moisture damage with wood windows.

3. Install the New Windows with the Correct Margins around the Opening 

When it is time to install the windows, it is important that the job is done by a professional installer. The window needs to be level and square, and there needs to be an even gap for the margin on all sides. In addition, the windows that are on the same walls will need to be evenly installed to avoid inconsistencies with the new window installation project that can be unattractive.

4. Maintain the Windows, Seal Them with Caulking, and Conduct Routine Painting

Once the windows have been installed professionally, you will be ready to begin the regular maintenance. Start by caulking around the casing and any cracks where air can get into your home. You will want to use masking tape to cover the edges of glass and sashes before painting the wood molding on the exterior of the casing to protect it from weathering.

This wood window installation guide will help ensure your new wood windows last and you do not have problems with moisture and rot. If you are planning on investing in new windows for your home, contact wood window installers to learn more.

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