Deciding If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Door Frame

Deciding If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Door Frame

7 May 2020
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Door frames can develop a surprising number of issues. You can get dings and dents in the frame from daily use. According to experts, some other common frame issues include broken door jambs and sagging doors. Some issues are relatively easy to fix. However, some problems may have you wondering if you should repair or replace your door frame.


Dents come about for many reasons, especially when you move large objects through the door. Sometimes you might not even notice the dent right away. When you do notice it, you may be able to fill the dent or sand it out before repainting the frame. However, if the dent is big, the process to fix it might be prohibitive. You're probably better off replacing the frame.


Cracks usually appear around door fixtures. You see them especially around the door jamb if someone has slammed the door. You might see them around the hinges, too. If the cracks are small enough, you can fill them in with epoxy or sealant. However, if the door was kicked in, the wood has likely cracked. Any time the wood has split, that damage necessitates replacement.


Old doors sag over time. The wood expands and contracts with the changing of the season, and it doesn't always settle into its old position. So, the door might bind or sag because it's out of plumb. You can remove the door and install a shim under the affected hinge. However, the old wood frame might be warped. When that happens, you have to replace the whole frame.


Wooden door frames are prone to rot, especially old ones that weren't made of pressure-treated wood. If your frame has rot, it may feel soft, or it may look crumbly. If the affected area is small, you can cut out the rot and replace it with a splice of wood. However, splicing won't work over large areas or if the rot is around hardware. In those instances, you need a new frame.


An old exterior door is a prime culprit for letting in drafts, which can impact your utility bills. Usually, the frame is to blame. You might be able to install a new jamb into the frame, which will set the door right. You might also be able to install weatherstripping at the bottom. However, here is another time when a warped frame will set you back — you need a new frame in that case.

Doors are essential in your home, and they rely on their frames for support. If your frame is no longer working out, have it replaced.

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