The Best Window Treatment Options When You Have Children

The Best Window Treatment Options When You Have Children

27 May 2020
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When you have children, you need to think twice about the type of window treatments you install on your windows. You want to install window treatment options that will allow you to control the light and privacy of your home while keeping your young children safe.

Option #1: Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are configured a little differently than the typical mini-blind. Cellular shades are made from one continuous piece of fabric. Cellular shades are a great choice if you have children in the home, because they are only made of one piece of fabric; there are not multiple little plastic blind parts that could get damaged. Cellular shades are also made of fabric, which means you can easily clean the cellular shades by handwashing them with a little soap and water.

When choosing cellular shades for your home, you are going to want to purchase cordless lift or motorized lift shades that allow you to just touch and move the shades up and down by holding onto the base of the shades instead of using a cord. When you close the shades, they fold upon themselves, like an accordion.

Option #2: Solar Shades

Another option for your home is solar shades. They have a similar configuration than cellular shades. However, they are not pleated like cellular shades; instead, they are one solid piece of flat fabric. The fabric is designed to roll up into a device at the top of the shades.

Once again, you want to go with the cordless or motorized option. With solar shades, they will have a little handle on the bottom that you can grab and use to pull the shades down or up. These shades don't have a lot of small parts and are not easily damaged. You can also easily clean these shades off.

Option #3: Vertical Shades

Or if you want shades that provide a little more light control, you can go with vertical shades. With vertical shades, go with softer fabric shades, which will be safer around your children than plastic vertical shades.

With vertical shades, you want to go with a tilt wand. With the tilt wand, you twist the wand to open or close the shades to let light in and out. You can also use a tilt want to pull the shades open and closed as well. Avoid chain loop operated vertical blinds.

When it comes to purchasing window treatments when you have children, you want to choose window treatments that don't contain many moving parts, and that has a cordless operating method. Cords and children just don't mix. Talk to a window treatment company like Snyders Shades & Shutters today.

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