3 Practical Ways To Maintain Siding

3 Practical Ways To Maintain Siding

16 June 2020
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To keep siding in good condition, it requires more than just a professional installation. It also takes an effort on the part of the homeowner. Fortunately, this effort is not a challenging one, but it does require a commitment. Whether you have newly installed siding on your home or you are considering an installation, learn about some of the practical measures you can take to keep your siding in good condition.

1. Put Down the Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are awesome because they can cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time, but you should not be cleaning your siding with a pressure washer if you do not know what you are doing. For both vinyl and aluminum siding, the force of the water can dent the siding. 

With wood siding, it is easier for water to pierce through the tiny gaps that are common with this siding design since the water is being intentionally angled at the siding. It is best to allow a professional to use this appliance to clean your home to eliminate the risk of damage. 

2. Maintain the Yard

Never let your landscaping get out of control. An overgrowth of trees and shrubs can easily signal trouble for siding. First, as the branches on these plants extend, they can scratch the siding. The exterior of siding is coated with a protective barrier that works to block moisture. 

If this barrier is cracked even a tiny bit, small amounts of moisture can start to travel through the barrier and onto the underside of the siding where mold can start to develop. In addition to mold, the moisture can damage the siding panels and cause them to warp and loosen.

3. Manage Repairs Promptly

If you recognize a problem with the siding, do not wait to see if the problem will correct itself. It is important for you to have the problem addressed quickly. Take a small crack caused by a baseball slamming into the siding, for instance. It is easy to assume that because the damage is minor, it is not a big deal. 

However, moisture only needs a tiny access area to cause major damage. It will be much more cost- and time-effective to have the single panel replaced than to have a major moisture issue that leads to extensive replacement needs.

If you have concerns about maintaining your siding, it is a good idea to speak directly with a siding contractor for further assistance.

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