The Unique Benefits Of Faux Wood Blinds

The Unique Benefits Of Faux Wood Blinds

17 July 2020
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Many assume that faux wood is simply a cheaper alternative to wood products. The reality is that when faux wooden products are produced by a reputable source, they can be more practical, versatile, and durable than traditional wood products, while also being budget-friendly. Faux wood and wood have unique properties that are beneficial in different situations and environments. When it comes to blinds, the choice between faux wood and traditional wood may depend on the environment you are in, the room the blinds are in, and your personal budget. 

One of the unique benefits of faux wood is the protection it offers against damage from extreme humidity or extreme dryness. Wooden materials naturally absorb and release moisture in relation to their environment. This means that extremely dry or humid environments can cause wooden blinds to change in various ways, with humid environments causing wood to warp and swell and incredibly dry environments causing wood to become brittle. With the exception of homes in extreme climates, this issue is mainly relevant to blinds that are used in rooms within a home that often create levels of extreme humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen. In these rooms there is often lots of moisture in the air that can cause wooden blinds to warp, which makes faux wood an ideal option, as it has the appearance of wood but is moisture resistant.

That being said, the benefits of the water and moisture resistance that are unique to faux wood do not end with blinds that are used in bathrooms or kitchens. This quality makes faux wood a great low-maintenance blind choice for any room because it allows for a simpler cleaning process. With wooden blinds, cleaning methods that involve water run the risk of damaging the wood, whereas faux wood can be hosed down for a simple yet effective clean, without any worry about damaging the product.

Faux wooden blinds are a durable and cost effective option. The polymer materials that most faux wood is made of is simply more resistant to environmental variables than wood, and it often runs at a cheaper price point. Wooden blinds are beautiful, but they have issues with water resistance and general durability. The aesthetic benefits that many desire are lost when wooden materials fall victim to cracking, chipping, or warping. Faux wood is a great alternative for people who are looking for a budget-friendly, durable, and low-maintenance blind that has the aesthetic value of a wooden blind. 

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