Siding Installation Guide to Improve Home Renovations With a New Look and Modern Style

Siding Installation Guide to Improve Home Renovations With a New Look and Modern Style

9 September 2020
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The siding you use in your renovations is a great way to give your outdated home a bit of modern style. You need to make some choices, such as the type of materials and design features to do with the siding. You will also want to consider additional investments when installing new siding. The following siding installation guide will help you make these decisions.

Different options for modern siding materials — There are different types of modern siding materials that can give your home a new look. These exterior siding materials can be:

  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Fiber cement
  • Synthetic composite lumber

Talk to your siding contractor about which modern siding material will be the best choice for your home renovation projects. Your contractor may suggest using a combination of materials.

Using natural wood siding — Natural wood can be another good choice for siding. When using natural wood siding, choose a wood that is naturally resistant to weathering and insects, such as cedar or white oak. Hardwood siding can be expensive, but this material is one of the most durable options. Wood also gives your home a more rustic or natural look. 

Use siding to create a new architectural look for your home — When you have new siding installed on your home, you can install it using architectural methods that will change the design of your home. For example, you can use a combination of siding and wood to change your home's exterior to a craftsman style. Take photos of your home's current exterior and use them to choose the architectural styles you want to add to your home.

Custom siding designs and details to enhance the appearance of renovations — Custom siding can enhance the appearance and design of your home. Extra details, features, and improvements that you may want to consider include:

  • Premium cornice moldings
  • Columns and architectural features
  • Veneer systems for different exterior finishes

Extra details and improvements will give your home a more personalized, custom look. You can also talk to your siding contractor about the extra services that they can provide, such as installing gutters other maintenance that needs to be done when new siding is installed.

These are siding finishes and features that can change the look of your home when you complete your renovations. Contact a siding contractor to talk to them about renovation solutions to give your home a brand new look.

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