Residential Window Improvements With Film And Tinting For Affordable Upgrade Solutions

Residential Window Improvements With Film And Tinting For Affordable Upgrade Solutions

14 October 2020
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If you want to upgrade your home's windows, you don't need to replace them. Instead, you can consider more affordable improvements. Affordable options for glass include adding films and tint to the glass. But, where are you going to update your windows and doors with modern tinting? The following residential window tinting information will help you choose these improvements for your home:

  • Adding window films to strengthen glass—The window films that you add to the glass in your home can be great to strengthen the glass. This is because modern films help to make the glass more shatter-resistant. This will help protect your home during storms and make it difficult to break the glass. Talk to a contractor about using thicker materials at all low or easily accessible windows, to increase the security of your home.
  • Reduce heat gain with the right glass film—The biggest benefit of installing residential window tinting is that it reduces heat gain during summer months. Talk to the tinting service about the energy ratings of different films to install on your windows. You want to use films that have a higher rating to reduce heat gain to keep your home cool.
  • Add privacy to your home with window tinting—Another big benefit of residential window tinting is that it adds privacy to your home. Consider the areas where you want to make the inside of your home less visible. You will want to use a darker window tint in these areas, like the tinting that you often see on cars. Use darker films in the areas where you need to improve privacy. Lighter tint can be used where you still want to allow natural light in.
  • Using residential window tinting to reduce thermal transfer—Another benefit of using modern films and tints is that they help to reduce thermal transfer. This is will help keep your home cool in summer, as well as reduce heat loss during the winter months. Talk to the tinting service about options for films that provide a thermal barrier to keep heat in your home when it is cold outside. These are usually thicker films that are designed to provide more insulation for the glass in older homes. 

These are modern residential window tinting improvements that will help you with affordable upgrades for your home. You can ask a window service about these solutions to improve your home. For more information about residential window tinting, contact a local tinting business.

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