5 Benefits Of Replacement Windows

5 Benefits Of Replacement Windows

18 November 2021
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If your home has simple wood frames with single-pane glass, it is time to upgrade your windows. Window technology has shown significant advancements over the decades, and modern windows can offer your home many benefits.  

Benefit #1: Increased Safety  

Upgrading to new windows is a great way to increase the safety of your home. Old windows that you can't easily open from the inside put your security at risk when trying to get out of your home, such as in the event of a fire. Old windows that don't lock properly are accessible for a burglary to pry open and use to gain access to your home.  

New windows, which come up-to-date and can be equipped with security sensors, will keep unwanted intruders out, alert you if a window is opened when it shouldn't, and allow you to get out of your home quickly should you need to.   

Benefit #2: Better Energy Efficiency  

If you are looking at ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, new windows can go a long way towards improving your home's energy profile. The materials and construction methods used to construct modern window frames help to reduce heat transfer and provide additional insulation.  

Additionally, the glass used is much thicker than the glass used in older windows. This thicker glass allows for less heat transfer and improved insulation as well.   

Combining the higher quality frame with the higher quality glass reduces drafts and energy loss around your windows year-round, providing you with energy savings.   

Benefit #3: Noise Reduction  

Noise pollution can be harmful to your mental health and well-being. New windows are designed to reduce the noise pollution that you have to deal with daily. The insulation around the frame, combined with the double or triple-pane glass, helps to reduce the noise that makes its way into your home from things like traffic, lawn equipment, and neighborhood pets. All of this contributes to a more peaceful internal environment.  

Benefit #4: Easy to Care For  

Newer windows are designed to be easier to care for than older windows. They are made with things such as tilting sashes that make the glass easier to clean. The hardware is also sturdy and straightforward and will not require you to put additional time into taking care of it.   

Benefit #5: Increased Home Value  

Upgrading the windows in your home can pay off in a variety of different ways. Adding new windows is an investment that will pay off. If you plan on selling your home or refinancing in the next few years, you will see a return on your investment when you upgrade your windows.  

Upgrading to new replacement windows will improve your home's energy efficiency, increase your safety, reduce noise transmission, make your windows easier to care for, and increase the value of your home.   

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