Upgrading Your House with Impact Doors

Upgrading Your House with Impact Doors

24 May 2022
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Upgrading the doors of your home is not a project that you will have to undertake very frequently. However, it is important to be thorough when you are making changes to this part of your house as the entry doors can be among the most important cosmetic and security features of the house. When you are facing the need to undertake this project, there are some important ways that opting for impact doors will benefit your house.

Can Provide Better Protection Against Storm Damage and Home Intrusions

The doors of your house are among the more vulnerable parts of the structure. In addition to the risk of individuals attempting to break into the home, it is also possible for storms to cause extensive damage to these doors. This could expose the interior of the home and lead to significant water or other storm damage occurring inside the house. Impact doors can withstand strong forces without opening, dislodging from the frame, or experiencing other failures. While there are limits to the protection that these doors can provide, they will be able to significantly reduce these risks for the house.

Often Provide Superior Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another important factor when choosing a door for your home's exterior. Doors that do not have good energy efficiency ratings can contribute to substantially higher heating and cooling costs, and they can also lead to the interior being uncomfortable when the temperature outside is either extremely hot or cold. Individuals often assume that these issues are due to drafts around the door. However, it can also result due to heat or cold transferring through the door itself and into the interior of the house. Impact doors are made of thick materials that can be less prone to allowing heat transfer to occur. Furthermore, these doors will utilize a design that minimizes any gaps or drafts around the perimeter of the door. These design features can make these doors among the more energy-efficient options that you can choose for your house. 

May Lead to Home Insurance Premium Reductions

Your homeowner's insurance is one of the more important types of protection that you carry, as your home and property are likely your most valuable assets. Many insurance policies will provide discounts or other benefits to homeowners that invest in making a series of security or safety upgrades to their homes. Not surprisingly, upgrading to more secure doors may be a qualifying upgrade for these benefits.

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